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Where can I print my digital printable file?

Digital printable files How do I print Print Labs print your own Printing Information Where can I print

Don't worry, printing your image can be fast & easy!  I don't recommend doing it at home -- one simple reason is to save your printer ink!  Here is some info to help:


►I don't know which photo lab to choose. Can you suggest one?

There are many options for printing your digital files, but below are a few suggestions. Keep in mind that can not guarantee the quality of home printing or your selected print lab company - all printers and print labs are not equal in quality. For best results, request a sample print from your selected print lab to ensure they have the capability to print your items in the beautiful colors and quality that you have received on your file from us.

Costco is by far the most popular store that my customers choose to print their digital prints (and one of my favorites!). They have numerous options at very reasonable prices! "Poster Prints" and "Poster Boards" are two favorites! Poster Boards are a great way to display photo props, wedding signs, flashback boards, birthday boards, anniversary boards, etc. with no frame needed! And most of Costco's printing options are available in one hour (depending on the location)!!! People always seem to be very pleased with the result from their printing, and I myself have used them to print my own prints and poster boards!
The only drawback is you must have a Costco membership to be able to print there, and not every location has a print lab. is one of my favorite places for printing digital images, especially photos, faux-chalkboards, wall art, etc. The quality is fantastic, yet the price is reasonable. They have many different options when it comes to paper and finishes (true black & white, pearl finish, metallic finish, etc.). To print your digital file, all you need to do is upload your print to their website. A drawback is that you have to wait for your order to arrive in the mail. Before ordering, be sure to look online for coupon codes! :) is another very popular and reliable online retailer for printing everything from invitations to posters! Always search for a coupon code before placing your purchase -- there are a ton available online, you just have to find them! and are very popular and reliable online resources for printing digital files, especially cards and invitations. One of the best parts is that they trim the cards for you and offer free matching envelopes! Your stationery will turn out looking very professional without a hefty price tag.
Plus Shutterfly always seems to be having a sale! A drawback is that you have to wait for your order to arrive in the mail.

One-hour photo labs also offer a variety of printing options and price ranges, with the convenience of fast printing. You may be limited to only glossy finishes, and have to purchase envelopes separately if you're printing invitations. But if you need something fast, one-hour photo labs are definitely a good option! Some examples are Costco, Sam’s Club, Walmart, Wallgreens, Rite Aid, etc.

Office supply stores are also a great option! Some require a PDF for printing rather than a JPG, so please check this before placing your order -- if you need a PDF just let me know and I can give you that format instead.
**Staples can print B&W prints at a VERY reasonable price!!!!

►What will it cost to print a digital printable file?

The cost will depend on a LOT of factors, so there's no straight answer -- the print lab, media (poster, poster board, etc), size, how fast it's needed, local print lab vs shipping costs, if you use coupon codes or sales, etc.

►I tried downloading my digital print to my phone, but it's not working correctly. Please help!

I do not suggest downloading your image to a phone.The files are large (since they're high-resolution), and sometimes when saving to a phone, the phone converts it into a smaller file.

►Which upload speed should I choose?

If you're given a choice of upload speeds when uploading your print to a photo lab website, NEVER choose the fast option! This will reduce the quality of the print. By default, the fast upload option is often selected, so make sure you choose the option for large prints.
** automatically has the "fast upload" option selected, which will reduce the quality of the print. If using this print lab, make sure you check the "Large print upload" option.

►I tried uploading my file to a print lab to be printed, but I received a "low resolution" warning.

• This shop's digital prints are high resolution & larger than they need to be in order to print high quality. If your print is blurry, please go back and make sure you downloaded it correctly.
Make sure you're printing the size you purchased, or a smaller one.  Enlarging an image may make it print blurry
• For info on upload speeds, see above


Hopefully I answered any questions you may have about where to print.  If not, shoot me a message!  THANKS!


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